Fixing Your Solar Panel System



If you have solar panels installed, you definitely want to keep them in good condition. You don’t want them to break down. The panels are there because you want to be off the grid. If you’re completely cut off, you’re out of power. Even if you’re not, it might cause you to take a hit to your budget.


If you’re looking for a quick primer on how to maintain your solar panels, look no further. We’re here to provide the help you need.


Please note that sometimes, you’ll need to call professionals for certain tasks. It might be simple handyman work, or it might need the same experts who installed the panels. View more.


First, let’s look at how solar panels work. The basic idea here is to convert sunlight into electrical current.


The cells are made of semiconductors. These absorb parts of the light, freeing up the electrons in it. The flow of electrons is tied to electric fields. By placing the right metals above or below the cells, the current generated by the fields can be extracted and used to power other things.


Now, imagine multiple solar cells. Do that and you have solar panels.


Now, let’s look at maintenance. Keeping the panels clean is critical to their proper function. If they are functioning correctly, they are efficient and effective.


The plus side is that these things are generally low maintenance. Unless you’re doing something wrong or stupid, you’re unlikely to break them. They don’t have a lot of moving parts, and the materials are not prone to things that can rust.


Cleaning is the heart of panel maintenance. The more dust the area has, the more frequently you’ll want to get up there to clean it off.


Cleaning regularly makes sure that dirt, grime, debris, and bird droppings don’t block the panels. By keeping them clear, you operate at peak efficiency. Obstructions inhibit the ability of the system to absorb solar radiation, reducing their overall output.


The easiest way is to give the panels a quick rinse Use a standard garden hose for this. If the hose isn’t powerful enough or can’t reach that high, a soft squeegee on a long pole works too. Anything you use to clean windows would work just as well.


Be sure to rinse off any excess suds and to dry things off.


If the panels are too high, you need to consider calling professionals. Some window cleaning companies or handymen might be able to do that. Be sure to inquire if you’re not sure. However, it is best to default to call specialists, which will usually be associated with the installation companies.


Rain can usually give you a free cleaning. Just make sure the panels are secured, in case the rain is paired with winds that might move them around.


By keeping the panels operating at peak power and clean, you can maximize your savings. You don’t have to worry about running out of power unless you’re trying very hard to drain things dry and keeping muck and grime on the panels.