Green Hotels

If you’re looking to make your vacation eco-friendly, that’s great. The planet could use every bit of help it can. However, it’s not easy. Not all hotels and short term accommodation Perth are going green, and sometimes the ones that do really make it a big deal or are easy to find.


However, with a little determination, this shouldn’t be an insurmountable problem. Here are a few quick tips on finding a better, more ecologically sound place to stay when you’re travelling. Hopefully, this will help ease your burdens – both in the wallet and on your carbon footprint.


First, try looking up carbon-neutral hotels. These are not quite zero-emissions yet, they do use what they can to reduce their impact.


Carbon-neutral hotels rely on low energy light bulbs, locally-sourced ingredients for their menus, and a lot of recycling and linen reuse initiatives. Many also use fleets of bicycles for short-distance travel, reducing the number of cars they need.


You’ll find these in all sorts of places. There’s Olakira Camp in the Serengeti. There’s also Kong Arthur, part of the Arthur Hotels chain. Actually, Arthur Hotels, in general, are working towards achieving carbon-neutrality.


Other places include the Talbott Hotel in Chicago or the Lenox Hotel over in Boston. These places also offer the purchasing of carbon credits. These are used to fund wind farms and reforestation projects.


Another option is to find a car-free hotel.


These are places that make it easier to lose the car. Sometimes, this is done through excellent public transit packages. In other times, they give complimentary shuttle services or offer bicycles for transport.


The Hyatt Regency properties offer this, particularly the use of airport shuttles. These are free and can also take you around town, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on getting around. You’ll find them in areas like Perth, Sarasota, and even Kathmandu.


If you can, check the menu of the hotel. Are the ingredients locally-sourced? If you can’t tell from the website, you can try contacting them directly.


There are good reasons for a hotel to have an on-site garden for herbs and produce. For one, a seasonal menu is cost-effective and provides better green qualities to the on-site restaurant.


Another is that the food is fresher. There’s nothing quite like truly fresh greens in a salad. This is the sort of detail that keeps people coming back for more. Hotel companies like Wyndham and Marriott do this, though they don’t always make it apparent this is the case.


However, if you want to be sure, call the front desk. They should be able to answer things about any locally-sourced ingredients they use, if they have their own produce garden, or if they have any sustainable food guidelines in place.


A green hotel doesn’t always display its nature. Some hotels do make a point of marketing themselves as such, but others don’t. The bigger chains, for instance, rely more on brand recognition even as they adopt more sustainable practices. Places like the Marriott lean more on their luxury than greenery.