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At Solar Panel Systems Company, we can help you install solar panels in your home that can guarantee to last long.

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Get you a state-of-the-art yet budget-friendly solar energy system to help you offset energy costs.

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Solar Panel Systems Company firmly believes that consumers should know everything first before installing their first panel.

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TOU influences your electricity costs, and each state power companies have their specific rates.

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emoving panels to move them or making roof repairs and need panel reactivation? We are the go-to experts to do the job for you.


With Solar Panel Systems Company, you can get expert solar panel and inverter maintenance services.

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In need of solar panel installation and repair service? Connect with us today, and we’ll help you find a qualified solar installer or repair technician in the area today. You can call us at 111-222-3456.

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house powered by solar systems
ByDonna Vanpelt November 13, 2023

How Many Panels in 5KW Solar System?

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental consciousness, solar energy is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for powering homes and businesses. A 5kW solar system is a popular choice for homeowners looking to harness the sun’s energy. But how many solar panels does it take to make up a 5kW solar system? That’s where this article comes in. We will explore the factors determining the number of panels needed for this solar system, including efficiency, location, and energy consumption...
A tesla charging from a solar powered charging dork
ByDonna Vanpelt August 28, 2023

How Long To Charge A Tesla With Solar Panels?

The paradigm shift towards sustainable energy has intensified the conversation about the compatibility between solar power and electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada. A frequently asked question is, how long does it take to charge a Tesla with solar panels? Generally speaking, it can take around 7 hours to 10 days. It depends on your solar system. Keep reading to untangle the relationship between solar panels and your Tesla charging time. Why Solar Panels Are the Future The popularity of electric vehicles, particularly the Tesla models, indicates ...
how to protect solar panels from hail
ByDonna Vanpelt March 17, 2023

How to Protect Solar Panels from Hail

There are several ways to prevent solar panels from hail storms, such as using tempered glass to cover the panel, erecting a wire gauge cover, or ensuring that the panels are made of high-quality materials. Although solar panels are renowned for their sturdy nature and ability to withstand most weather conditions, these tips will bring maximum protection and sustain their lifespan. Unlike rain and snow, hail is like precipitation of solid ice and can damage cars, houses, aircraft, solar panels, etc. Due to its dangerous nature, most solar users seek how to protect solar panels from hail and use them longer. This article shares seven...
Solar Panels Series Vs. Parallel
ByDonna Vanpelt August 30, 2022

Solar Panels Series Vs. Parallel – A Guide on How to Wire Solar Panels

If you’re a newbie to the inner workings of solar energy systems, you might feel a bit lost when you first encounter the topic of parallel and series wiring – the major methods for installing solar panels. The way your panels are installed is crucial as it influences the performance level of your panels and even the type of inverter you need in your setup. To make this easier, there are handy solar panel series and parallel calculators online that can guide you through the process. Continue reading to ...
ByDonna Vanpelt May 18, 2021

How to Install Solar Attic Fans in 13 Steps

Installation of solar fans is easy, but you need to follow certain steps to place them correctly and function as to how you want them to be. It is good to consider solar fans since solar power counterbalances over 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year in the US. Please continue reading to learn more about solar attic fans and how to install them. What Are Solar Attic Fans? An attic fan acts as a ventilation system that decreases the temperature in your attic by releasing hot air and bringing cool air in. Temperature is reduced, and your air-conditioner is not overworked because the cool air ...
ByDonna Vanpelt November 21, 2020

Comprehensive FAQs on Solar Power

Have some questions about solar? Here are some frequently-asked inquiries: 1. Will the solar energy system protect me from grid outages? Not all the time. Especially during grid maintenance, your panels need to be shut down to protect electricians. It’s the reason why you should have a battery included in your solar power system for a continuous electric flow at home or in commercial spaces. 2. Why do fewer people use battery packs? They aren’t as available and affordable, unlike other solar energy system components. It’s also worth considering when you go for solar energy system packages ...
ByDonna Vanpelt November 15, 2020

Solar 101: The Quickest Guide on Going Solar

What does it mean to go solar? This comprehensive guide can tell you more about solar panels. It’ll weigh on solar power pros and cons, as well as other useful information about solar energy. What is Solar PV? Photovoltaics (PV or solar electric) is the technology behind solar power. It’s the module system inside every panel that converts sunlight into electricity. What’s Inside Every Solar Panel? Solar panels are made of conductive silicon modules that produce electricity when exposed to light. They have a positive and negative layer that creates an electric field like a battery. Once ...
ByDonna Vanpelt November 2, 2020

How Much Can You Save on Solar Power?

Everyone knows that solar energy is the power source of the future, but do you know it is also an excellent saving on your bills? The big question is, how much does solar power save? Based on the Solar Industry Energy Association (SIEA) statement, there are a million homes in the US now using solar power in 2016. The number of households using solar power is even growing in numbers this year. There will be four million homes in three years that’ll use solar energy as their power source. What Makes it an Affordable and Cost-Effective Power Source? Solar panel systems cost around $15K to install, but it delivers ...