Solar Lease (PPA)

If your power bills eat your budget more than you expected, then this Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can help you control it. You can immediately save as much as 50% of your energy bills without any upfront cost. Our PPA plans start for as low as $69 depending on space size in sq. ft. You can book an appointment today or contact us for inquiries.

What Makes Us a Standout than Most Solar PPA Providers?

We are an expert in solar energy with your budget in mind. Solar power can help you predict your power bill and provide long-term savings and protection from bill surges.

Why Should You Switch to Solar PPAs From Us?

You get lower solar lease & PPA rates than most providers. Without any upfront costs plus immediate savings, you‘re rest assured of a well-oiled household or steady business operations. We also provide 25 years of performance warranty minus all the hassles. Solar Panel Systems Company is a leading solar PPA provider in the nation with every customer’s welfare and budget in mind.

What Makes Us Stand Out in Solar PPA Services?

We don’t just install the panels. We also fix your roof to ensure stability on the panels attached to it. We have expert technicians and repair personnel to do repair and maintenance jobs for all client types. With it, we can assure top quality services to all our customers.

Solar Panel Systems Company gives a more comprehensive solar panel service range and financing. That way, you can know how it can maximize your savings when you choose solar. Give us a call or chat today to get a good PPA quote for your home or commercial space.